Bubble Wrap Kids premieres January 3 on Slice

From a media release:

Over-Protective Parents Watch Out! New Cineflix Reality Series BUBBLE WRAP KIDS Premieres January 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Slice

  • New reality series hosted by parenting expert, author, and Free-Range Kids founder Lenore Skenazy


Many parents are over-protective, but some take worrying to shocking extremes. Enter Cineflix’s BUBBLE WRAP KIDS, a new series hosted by Lenore Skenazy, a parenting expert, columnist, and Free-Range Kids founder. Premiering on Tuesday, January 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SliceTM, the series follows Lenore as she goes head-to-head with helicopter parents addressing the over-the-top rules that are stifling their kids’ childhood experiences. From parents who won’t let their kids use forks and knives, ride bikes, or even leave the backyard, to parents who monitor their kids with walkie-talkies and video cameras, Lenore tackles it all.

In each episode, Lenore helps a different family loosen the reigns to let their kids reclaim their childhood, and parents – their sanity. Lenore offers up advice, and takes each family through a series of challenges designed to push parents’ boundaries, give their family more freedom, and help their kids become independent adults.

“Our kids are safer and more competent than pop culture tells us,” said Lenore Skenazy, host of BUBBLE WRAP KIDS. “I’ve dealt with many families who won’t allow their children to play outside or ride a bike. Basic things that are important staples in a person’s childhood are being stripped away due to a parent’s irrational worry and anxiety. Parents may not always be on-board with my approach, but their kids are ready to take on more and ready to prove it too.”

Dubbed “America’s Worst Mom” by international press when she let her nine-year-old ride the New York City subway by himself, newspaper columnist Lenore Skenazy was catapulted into the spotlight. Her feisty response was ablog, and best-selling book, Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry). Now she’s helping parents go outside their over-protective comfort zones, one family at a time in BUBBLE WRAP KIDS.

In the season premiere, differing parenting styles cause problems for a blended family as the two parents clash about how to raise their kids. A struggling 10-year-old son fights for his childhood, longing to ride a bike, go to camp and even bathe himself. Tune in as Lenore helps this family shed their child-rearing fears.

Produced by Cineflix (Free Kids) Inc. in association with Shaw Media, Astral Media and TLC International, BUBBLE WRAP KIDS is executive produced by Simon Lloyd.


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  1. My mom just called me to watch your show. I think she estimate that i’m one. You know, with everything that is going on in this world, why put my children into the wolf’s mouth when I can avoid it all together. My sons are 7 and 13. I will not let my children rhome the village simply because there are all sorts of (sorry my language) assholes out there. We have a pedaphile living near by, we have drug dealers. If my 13 year old needs to go to the grocery store, that’s fine BUT you go and do what you need to do and then, you come right back home. You need to know where your child is and what he’s doing. Sorry but once he’s missing, raped or god knows what else, it’s too late. I love my children. They can do whatever they want as long I know what they’re doing, with who and and where. Mostly, they’re at home outside playing with friends. They can invite anyone they want to and if i feel good about the parents, i might let them go over once in a while.

    Yesterday, a boy 8 years old came knocking at my door to play with my boys. Sorry but where are the parents??? Do they know me as a parent; as a person??? I find that extremeley irresponsible. And i find that it’s parents like us that gets the heat. Are you kidding me? As I say, Better safe than sorry. You won’t see my kids roming the village. I had children because i wanted children not to tossed them out to whomever.

    Julie La Victoire

    1. Honestly ppl just let your kids grow up. Do you realy want your kids to be social retards! Ex. A 14 yr old or worse a 20yr old! Who has never been on a bus or off on there own in the world. Are you serious! You cant control your kids lives once there past a certain age. Your doing more harm than good. If you are truly looking out for your child you would want them to be strong, independent and sucessfull, there not doing that by staying home! So let your kids live a little ther only going to be kids once in life dont take that away from them because it can only back fire.

  2. I am SOOO glad someone is tackling this issue. I understand parents’ worries about the safety of their children. However, a parent has a responsibility to raise their children into competent adults who are contributing members of society. Living your life in fear, is only raising fearful anxiety-ridden adults.

    By overly restricting their environment is creating adults who don’t know how to take care of themselves little along anyone else.

    Parents also need to realize that the day may come when they themselves will no longer be here to protect their children, so its extremely important for the child to learn as many age-appropriate life skills as possible.

    Great Job Lenore- excellent first episode. I hope many parents learn from what you are teaching and help their children develop age appropriate life skills.

  3. Hi I was watching ur show and my mom those the exact same thing can u guys please!!! say where i contact bubble rap kids cause i’m a big time bubble rap kid. Thanks

  4. My Mother raised 10 of us by herself. She always knew where we were, but tempered that with kids learning responsibility and courtesy.I raised my kids the same way. My kids weren’t “roaming the village” We, as a society have raised a fearful generation. Kids are not allowed to walk to school, and have little ability to think for themselves and make choices. Decision making is learned in preschool years not bestowed on them at the age of 18.

  5. My 10,7 and 5 yr old frequently go to the bakery or to Starbucks on a Saturday or Sunday morning by themselves (central Toronto). My husband and I are at home but they like to go and get hot chocolates and sit in the store or to pick up croissants for us. One day a police car trailed them home and asked them if there was a parent with them and where they lived. Another time a lady reported to Starbucks staff that they were there unattended. They were not misbehaving and were paying customers but this person did not feel that children should be a part of society. Such a loss for everyone. I continue to raise my children this way and will defend my actions to other parents, teachers, police or store owners. I have 4 kids and none have behavioural issues, learning disabilities or “blankies”. Just normal kids that like to be part of the community in which they live.

  6. The concept of the show is great however the producers of the show should really HYPE it up b/c its a really BORING!! Sorry Lenore but if it continues this way you’re not making it for another season!!! TWO thumbs DOWN

  7. I think the “bubble wrap” parents are the worst parents, not Lenore. To me, parenting the way they do constitutes psychological abuse. I walked to kindergarten by myself when I was a kid and so did all my classmates. My kids have done their own laundry and made their own lunches since they were in grade 7 and they all get to school on their own steam. It makes me sick to see my next door neighbor drive her kid to school every day – at the end of our street! Have my kids ever gotten into any trouble? You bet, but nothing a week without video games(or something equally painful) won’t fix.

  8. The parents on these shows are paranoid, borderline crazies with their own issues who are really harming their kids in the long run. These children are praying for the day when the turn 18 so they can leave home. I have three boys (17, 14, and 8) and have raised them to be independent, sociable, self-sufficient and street smart. My two older boys do everything including laundry, cooking, ironing, etc. My 8 yr-old walks to and from school. My 14 buys groceries; and my 17 yr-old has a part-time job and his own car which he is responsible for. They all know NOT to talk to strangers and be on the alert for danger. Yes, accidents happen, but they learn how to deal with it and move on to the next challenge. I hope all “cautious” parents remove the bubble wrap and let their kids be kids.

  9. i could not agree more that we are raising an entire generation of fearful, paranoid, afraid of the world and the people in it, can’t do anything for themselves, including think or make good choices children, who will eventually be the adults having children that i can only imagine the issues and fears they will suffer from, but their tv/mass media scared of everything from their own back stairs to that pedophile who is waiting around every corner to prey on their children specifically parents will be running the nation. seriously people, abductions, in both the states and canada are nearly one hundred percent committed by people who are friends of the family, neighbours known to the family and trusted by the parents in the family, and relatives. the numbers for child molestation are nearly identical to those for abduction. your child is more likely to be abused by their scout leader, religious mentor, and worst of all a family member than by any stranger out there roaming the world at large. since oprah first aired and the discussion of abuse/molestation and all the other “dangers” that those of us over the age of forty have survived without ever having come close to any of those things happening to us. i remember her very first show and how it was continued the next day because it was so popular and the ratings were over the top… that was ground zero for the absolute over the top and imo right certifiably crazy parenting methods and beliefs which has caused the fear/terrorism/stranger danger society which our young adult children and our newest generation has and will continue to evolve right along with. the true abuse of children is this ridiculous idea that our children are in any more danger out riding their bike than we were. the statistics for deaths and harm to children have not changed much for about thiry or forty years but needless parental fear has grown right along with the ratings and the economic success that has come along with feeding that fear. i am the mother of five. i raised them with few rules or restrictions. they had to tell me where they were, so that should something happen in the tourist town i live in and they do not arrive home on time, i would be able to tell the police where they had been last, i gave them the same respect and information about where i was for the very same reasons i had for wanting it from them. if they were going to be late, then let me know. otherwise that was pretty much it. of course they wore helmets with their bikes, i am not sure whether my son still does with his skate board or not, they walk everywhere they go, or take the bus, and have walked to school alone since my son was 8 and my daughter was 7. they have been allowed to go to the beach which is a few blocks away. depending on where we have lived since they showed me they were capable swimmers…. all five have lived and had happy childhoods. they all felt cared for and loved, but most of all they felt that they were trusted, responsible, capable people from very young ages. you can not treat your kids like they are toddlers until the day they turn 18, or send them off to college and then wonder why girls get date raped, or they drink out of control at parties, act out in all sorts of ways which are frowned upon…. a lifetime of imprisonment and coddling by freaked out scared parents has made them this way, causing them to feel that their own children will be as irresponsible as they acted and continue what in two generations has become a cycle that will be incredibly hard to break. i love lenore, i bet her son is a smart street savvy kid who knows his mom trusts him and trusts her right back,
    cheers, susan

  10. watching the show today i notice that this is how criminals are treated when they get out of jail earlier then there full sentence.they have to wear a ankle bracelet and they broke the law. these children are being treated the same way, and they did nothing they didn’t even asked to be born remember these are-children not your property

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