Network confirms Combat Hospital cancellation

From Amber Dowling of TV Guide Canada:

  • ‘Combat’ no more
    The series that toppled the likes of Rookie Blue and Flashpoint this summer in the ratings, earning the No. 1 spot amongst scripted series week after week, has been officially cancelled after only one season. Shaw Media confirmed to TV Guide Canada Friday afternoon that it will not bring back Combat Hospital for a sophomore season, in large part due to the fact that its partner, ABC, opted not to pick it up either. Read more.

3 thoughts on “Network confirms Combat Hospital cancellation”

  1. Talk about the tail wagging the dog. The show’s a hit in Canada for the network that then has to cancel it because it isn’t a hit for the secondary network in the US? Sadly, only in Canada would this happen.

  2. Saddly, this shows how Canadian TV is controled by the US. When will Canadian TV stations actually be Canadian TV stations? Very disappointing.

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