Interview with Bomb Girls producers Janis Lundman & Adrienne Mitchell

From The Televixen:

  • Dance for Today: Janis Lundman & Adrienne Mitchell on Bomb Girls
    Tonight, Bomb Girls, a new six-part series begins on Global TV. In it, we meet five women from different walks of life who work in a Toronto munitions factory during the 1940s. Last month, I got to chat with two of my favourite women in television about it – Janis Lundman (Executive Producer) and Adrienne Mitchell (Executive Producer and Director) of Back Alley Films – and here’s some of our conversation about what is going to be a really great look at a period in history that you might not know much about. Read more.

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  1. Hello, I am really enjoying the show. I was really excited when your series was introduced. I have lived in Ontario since 1989 moving here from the Maritimes. A neighbour of mine told me her mother worked at a factory in Northern Ontario at a Bomb factory. I used to take her dog for a walk due to her disability. While visiting her she showed me a lamp her mother made out of a bomb while she worked at the factory. It was made out of a shell casing and was really heavy. She had passed it on to her and she kept it all these years. She said she could have gotten in a lot of trouble for making it. But, she did it anyway. I think that goes to the character of the women you portray on the show. Guts and willingness to endure the consequence of their actions. Keep up the good work. Tanya Walsh

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