Canadian Pickers rules for picking

From a media release:

History Television invites viewers to follow Canadian Pickers’ hosts Sheldon Smithens and Scott Cozens as they cross Canada on a search for ‘rusty gold’ – an assortment of wonderful objects that many people might mistake for useless junk. Searching through old barns, messy yards and abandoned attics, Scott and Sheldon are keeping an eye out for objects with historical, collectible and pop culture value. Each pick explores the history and stories behind these objects, providing viewers a Canadian history lesson like no other.

Canadian Pickers airs Mondays at 10 PM ET, beginning January 9th

Want to give picking a try for yourself? Here are Scott and Sheldon’s rules for picking:

  1. Buy what you love.
  2. Buy the best quality you can afford.
  3. Always check condition (Chips, cracks, repairs, restoration).
  4. Buy the best original condition (rather than restored).
  5. Buy what was made in small numbers at the time.
  6. Keep track of what was loved by the generation or generations before you (Christmas, Mickey Mouse etc.). If every new generation loves it, those items will always be popular.
  7. Watch trends to see what may be collectible in the future (Lego, Transformers etc).
  8. Group to reduce the price per item.
  9. Sell when the time is right (e.g. sell your Lord of the Rings books when the movie comes out). You can always get it again (two years after the movie comes out for half price)!
  10. Always carry enough cash.

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