Arctic Air entices Adam Beach back to TV and Canada

From Cassandra Szklarski of the Canadian Press:

  • Adam Beach heads north for CBC-TV adventure series ‘Arctic Air
    After scoring meaty roles in Hollywood features including “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Windtalkers,” the Winnipeg-bred actor says he swore off joining a small-screen cast, even though much of his career had been dominated by TV parts. But Beach says his new series, CBC-TV’s “Arctic Air,” came along just as he felt ready to take on the rigours of a lead TV role. Read more.
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One thought on “Arctic Air entices Adam Beach back to TV and Canada”

  1. My wife is Haida from Haida Gwaii [Quenn Charlotte Isles]; I am part aboriginal from Alberta.
    We are faithful watchers of Artic Air. In case we have to miss an episode it gets recorded. We are very proud to have a series with aboriginal people.
    Keep up the great work Adam Beach.
    We live in Langley BC

    Tim & Rose Gabert

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