New tonight: Republic of Doyle on CBC – “Streets of St. John’s”

RoD S3 Ep 1 4 HiRes

Sergeant Jake Doyle is assigned to protect a mob informant but when a mysterious group of men impede him, Jake finds the tables turned – himself the target of a manhunt. Will the dismantled Team Doyle band together to help Jake before he’s arrested or worse? Guest stars: Russell Crowe, Kevin Durand, Scott Grimes, Alan Doyle, Daniel MacIvor.

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One thought on “New tonight: Republic of Doyle on CBC – “Streets of St. John’s””

  1. I loved this episode with Rusell Crowe and I would love to see an episode with Rick Mercer as a guest,maybe he will suffer from amnosia,you take it from there.
    A fan
    J. Arseneault
    Laakeville, New Brunswick

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