New tonight: Arctic Air on CBC – “All In”

Bobby (Adam Beach) gambles Mel’s plane in a high-stakes poker game while Krista’s pilot skills are put to the test when the DC-3 runs out of fuel at 5,000 feet.


3 thoughts on “New tonight: Arctic Air on CBC – “All In””

  1. How do I find the code for January 17 show for the contest? I watched the show tonight but missed the code if that’s where it is.

  2. I had great hope for this show, great cast, great location, potential for a great hit BUT, the writing is predictable – big bad guy with lots of money and hero who comes to rescue family , friends ,etc etc. This is about the fourth Canadian drama set in western Canada that follows the same tired plot. Too bad I was really looking forward to a good story to back up the strong cast.

  3. I loved the pilot episode, pun not intended. The ‘All-in’ 2nd show unfortunately used the that horrible formula of a 1,000 recent TV shows: strident woman fiercely putting down every man she encounters! It became a despondent drinking game. Beach in his turn played as the lead buffoon man.

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