4 thoughts on “New tonight: Arctic Air on CBC – “Hijacked””

  1. Once again great cast, great location and awful writing. It really is too bad. There were so many holes in the script. I am really trying to like this show…..

  2. i think this is one of the best series in canada in the last few years….it’s time canada produced a decent series again….

  3. This was ridiculous lol
    Like boone says, good actors but very very bad writing… and bad filming too (I hate shaking cams)

  4. Is this the best that the CBC can do? Phew! Horrible over-saturated photography, appalling acting, bad music, & just terrible scripts. Even Lifetime & Hallmark would wince. Where is Chris Haddock when you need him? Oh right – he’s on Boardwalk Empire!

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