New tonight: Mr. D, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Redemption Inc., Canadian Pickers, Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All

Mr. D, CBC – “Exam Week”
Exam Week – It’s exam time at Xavier Academy and Gerry is convinced that he will catch a few students who are known to cheat on their exams.

Little Mosque on the Prairie, CBC – “The Dating Game”
When Amaar gets on the short-list for a renowned Multi-Faith Award, Baber and Thorne can’t help but fight over the cash prize.

Redemption Inc., CBC
Kevin O’Leary tasks the participants with selling raffle tickets for a sports charity. The challenge: they have to sell a minimum of $3,500 dollars in 50/50 tickets, in order to raise money for the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Team Up Foundation.

Canadian Pickers, History Television
The guys hunt for a classic old Canadian canoe in Saskatchewan’s north but find themselves up a creek without a paddle when the collectors aren’t too willing to sell.

Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All, Discovery
With a huff and a puff, two teams compete to build the strongest four-walled structure possible, with predetermined materials. The building must withstand the wind power of a tropical storm in the “Storm of the Century” challenge and protect its’ inhabitant – a stuffed pig – but in a surprise last-minute twist, the opposing team gets to determine the wind direction. In the “Boom” challenge, two teams have to determine the “kill zone” – the area in which a human being would not survive – around the explosive destruction of a nine-meter-long trailer. And in “Smarter than a Scout,” two individual competitors go head-to-head to prove they know as much as a typical boy/girl scout by completing five merit badge tasks in five categories before one of them leaves the competition.

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  1. It’s funny. I find the Web content of MR D very funny, but found that the show was surprisingly flat.

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