New tonight: Rick Mercer Report, 22 Minutes, Arctic Air, The LA Complex, Saw Dogs


Rick Mercer Report, CBC
In tonight’s all-new show Rick is in Summerside, PEI at Holland College’s Atlantic Police Academy where he submits to a lie detector test and does weapons training and then he’s in Toronto with Canada’s champion Olympic Trampoline Team.

22 Minutes, CBC
We get involved in the NDP leadership debate in Halifax, and take a look at “Corporation Nightmares” with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (Mark Critch).

Arctic Air, CBC – “All The Vital Things”
Bobby (Adam Beach) lies to gain the trust of a Dene elder and friend of his father, but when tragedy strikes, Bobby must trust the elder with his own life.

The LA Complex, MuchMusic (pictured)
Alicia’s video with Rick may not be the career-booster he promised, Connor’s acting coach makes his first appearance and Nick and Abby are going through dumpsters. What the heck goes on in LA?

Saw Dogs, OLN – “Monster Wine”
Steve envisions an enormous wine tasting bar for an exclusive winery with a lake monster motif, but the team goes against his wishes and adds an extra head. To make matters worse, guest carvers Paul Frenette and Pete Ryan can’t seem to get on the same page with the design. The carving team struggles to resolve a host of stylistic issues as they try to complete the commission.