Remembering Being Erica

From Chandler Levack of AV Club Toronto:

  • Remembering Erica
    With December 2011’s series finale, Being Erica was canceled after four seasons. And with this being the first non-Erica year in a while, it might be a good idea to look back at the show’s success. The show has done surprisingly well for a CBC export, airing in nearly 160 countries and with green-lighted U.S. and U.K. interpretations. The concept was irresistible: Erica Strange was a guilt-ridden Canadian Jewish girl who looked like Jennifer Aniston. And she was able to do things like take back her own virginity from the douchebag who sexually assaulted her and relive her “perfect summer day” on Toronto Island. Whenever Erica was sent down the rabbit hole to save her dead brother from a fire and allow him to live, or to un-kiss the best friend who now won’t speak to her, it didn’t take a physicist for viewers to dream up their own Dr. Toms. Read more.