2 thoughts on “Hulu to save Endgame?”

  1. Well, can you stand it? After Diane said she hates fan campaigns, and mocked the low thousands of people involved at the time. Sure, Hulu did more than the campaign, but maybe the campaign fueled Hulu! So let us now praise fan campaigns. Especially the kind where you mail something, like a chess piece, to network HQ.

    Also, thx for the podcast. I can’t believe this show cost $2m/episode. It does look and sound good. Wonder how much is salary & fees. It is an interesting show in substance too. It portrays a sort of mediocre terror, under a jaunty panache. On most episodes, the crime turns out to be much less than it appeared. That is a heck of a risk for a TV show to take. The closest comparison in risking unpopularity I can think of is a less successful show, a genre show, probably the only show on U.S. TV in the last decade to make a decent stab at portraying suffering… though maudlin, it had a certain dignity (and poor lighting)… Sarah Connor.

  2. Diane still hates fan campaigns and think they take credit for things they had nothing to do with. And will believe that Hulu will save Endgame when she sees it.

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