Bomb Girls is Downton Abbey for badasses

From Alex Cranz of Fempop:

  • Bomb Girls: Downton Abbey for Badasses
    We all love Downton Abbey. It’s soapy good fun where everyone talks all old timey and they have to wear goggles and gloves to drive and you want to dissect every episode until you realize you spent one entire episode deeply concerned with the status of Matthew’s junk. Bomb Girls is like that in that you do sometimes have to question the status of wheelchair bound dudes’ junk and everyone talks old timey and it is soapy. But also it isn’t rehashing Upstairs, Downstairs class stratification themes. Instead it is about a bunch of Canadian women in 1941 building bombs to blow up Nazis and having romantic problems while catchy tunes play and people talk about “gams” and “socking people in the kisser.” Read more.

From Chris Lackner of Postmedia News:

  • Bomb Girls finale worth watching
    While the show’s individual Bomb Girls each wage climactic personal battles (from unwanted pregnancy to an abusive father), they’re also collectively forced to confront a new reality: The war has come home to North America with an attack on Pearl Harbor. Read more.