Holmes Makes It Right casting for homeowners

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  • Holmes Makes It Right  Is Looking for Homeowners with Unimaginable Problems New Series to Premiere this Fall on HGTV Canada

HGTV Canada has confirmed a new exclusive three-year content deal with celebrity contractor Mike Holmes and The Holmes Group. On the heels of the new agreement production has broken ground on Holmes Makes It Right, a brand-new series set to air this fall, that will see Canada’s most trusted contractor helping unfortunate homeowners whose homes, lives and finances have been brutally disrupted by disastrous renovations. Homeowners who have tried everything to end their nightmare and need Mike’s help can find the information to apply to be on the show at www.hgtv.ca/hgtv/castingCall.aspx.   

In this new series Mike Holmes takes on catastrophes that would make other contractors run. With the same commitment to high standards that is at the forefront in Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection, Holmes Makes It Right will feature Mike at his hands-on best – strapping on a tool belt, and helping desperate homeowners.

“These people are in need,” says Mike Holmes. “These people have broken homes and broken lives. It’s time to Make it Right for them.”

Along with the expert construction team viewers know and love from Mike Holmes’ previous series, Mike is opening up his heart and using his skills to help devastated homeowners and Make It Right.


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  1. I’m making this contact for a good friend of mine who has some major problems with her home basement floor has heaved and many other problems Told her I would make contact and see what can be done.

  2. Whad a house fire in the kitchen 3 weeks ago. We are having to do all the cleanup and repairs ourselves. We have had wonderful friends come and help but I still have things to be done with little knowledge of how to do them right. An

  3. I noticed my old home is falling. Anything left of the loadbearing wall slants to the left an on the right side it slants that way. My doorways are slanting too. I was told that the top plate just below soil line is wood and rotting. I was hoping someone I could trust would come fix it.

  4. Hello Mike,
    have i got a home for you!!
    I am a business person living in Montreal and my beautiful home is 10 years old and a disaster. Dangerous to live in, cannot seem to get a comittment from my builder. I have a 13 year old who no longer can play outside near our house due to risk of falling stones, etc.
    a must see. I have pics that will blow you away! call me 514-827-1133 thank you

  5. Please make it right. A friend bought a house 3 years ago, it keeps having major problems. Her husband has had a kidney and pancreas transplant and she is self employed. They are running out of money. Had to fix plumbing, electrical, furnace and this week the roof needed major restructure – joists were rotted – a home inspection had been done before purchase which said nothing was needed. They need a safe home. We live in Saint John. Thanks for the consideration.

  6. Please Help my mom. She is my hero and I need someone to help her put it right. My father passed away in 1998 and my mom does everything on her own to keep up her house. She needs help but has no one there to help her. I will do anything for you to help her, if you need me to come and work off the debt, I will. Please for her..xxoo


  8. A fire tragedy was made worse by incompetent contractors. We had a house fire Oct 2007, almost 5 years ago. The workmanship of restoration sub-contractors has been atrocious. We have had an experience I would wish upon no one. Our house and yard were left in a dangerous mix of open trenches, excavated foundation, poor insulation and vapor barrier, cracked drywall, mis-hung doors, dangerous wiring, leaks, non working water, sewer HVAC, etc. and far too much to mention. I have been trying to repair what I can, but do not have the skills or knowledge. I have tried to hire replacement contractors, but have had no better luck finding trades people with ethics or who follow standards. I have hundreds of pictures to show unbelievable extent of problems, past present & future. How can I make it right?
    Neil from Winnipeg.

  9. We bought our present house 2 and 1/2 years ago due to the recession. We couldn’t afford to stay in our newly renovated house so we bought this one. we moved in on halloween the following June we had our basement flood 4 times.We called our insurance company they sent out an adjustor. We had a raised floor in the basement he sent in a restoration specialist who cut out the raised floor and left about 6 inches of it as well as the walls and brought in fans and dehumidifires. Once it was dried out they wanted to just replace the floor and flooring. I asked about dry wrought and mold. The adjustor didn’t know what dry wrought was. The specialist told us he was sure it was dry so there wouldn’t be any mold. My husband and I discussed it and decided to take a payout from the insurance company because we didn’t trust their opinions. We then gutted the basement and discovered cracking in the cinder block. We then hired a company to dig out around the house and put on the bubble membrane and put in weeping tile. That fall when we started the furnace for the first time we had big chunks of rust falling from inside the furnace. I called the insurance company again he sent a guy out to clean just the furnace but not the lines. The guy that came out to clean the furnace said it needed to be replaced as well as our hot water tank but the insurance company will not replace it due to the age of it. After opening up the basement we discovered we have electrical and plumbing issues as well!! HELP!!!

  10. Please help! I have written many emails to you, about our home. We purchased our first home a little over a year ago, and have been in hell since. You can smell septic from our bathroom, we have found mold , our basement leaks, and we constantly have spiders, moths etc.Now our kitchen is on a slant, and the windows are all cracking and breaking. We bought the house because of the main floor ammenities for my mom who had lung problems, and finally in a wheelchair. She died a year to the date of purchase. We also bought it for the kennel, as we help rescue dogs from high kill shelters. Can you help us?
    Thank you, Lisa

  11. mike,
    hello i am a single mom who lost her husband 7 years ago. since then i have tried to keep up with the maintainence of our home. My husband tried to redo most of the house before he was taken from us. Since then i have redone windows, roof, basement walls, and more. my husband had a ggod friend he trusted and honestly he was not a friend at all, all the thousands of dollars spent on windows, doors, roofs had to be replaced as they have melted in the hot sun. Ironically i live in buffalo the blizzard capital of the eastern states. It’s crazy and overwhelming, since my two kids have lost their they both have had struggles with their abrupt removal from their lives. MY daughter retreated into books and her room for many years, my son hid his sorrow in alcohol and drugs. Working three jobs I let a lot go, and now I spend many watching you clean up shottty contractors work. My front door squecks everytime i open or close it, No header and the wall has slowly come down in pieces. I have a man in my life but he is not handy in any way. He tried to fix my back yard when the pool collasped and now i have a unfinished zen garden that the cats like, but the stairs down to it are un safe unless you walk on the first 12 inch next to garage but then you hit your head on gutter. ii’s a mess. my lifes a mess. my family needs help in repairing all the shortcuts workers have taken. i’m out of energy out of money, out of hope. maybe it’s time to get an apartment. the sad thing is this place has so many unique things my late husband did. could use help
    sincerely me

  12. Mike:
    I know we have a housing problem and all the people in the commuity where we live ask me when we will be building a proper home! After reading the previous comments, I am humbled at the enormity of this situation and the desire that you have to help your friends Canadians.
    We live in a very small agricultural community and have applied for government grants to help with the neccesary upgrades to bring the dwelling to code. We are finanacially approved for government grants for repairs, but when they come to get photo documantation, we always get the “We are sorry to inform you, there is just too much that needs to be done”, letter. We have contacted our local politician for help, but to no use. I am the mother of 7 children and we live in a double wide trailer, we have for 10 years now. my oldest daugher is leaving to serve a Christian mission in a few days to New Zealand, the next two daughters just went off to university to better themselves, with the help of OSAP. We are still raising 4 children in a crumbling home. The roof pours when it rains which rotts all the walls and windows, four of which are destroyed because of it. The perimiter flooring is rotten and we have to keep putting plywood down so we dont step through the floor. Black mold is prevalent in all rooms as well as sagging and rooten ceilings. Yes, I know we need a real home and not a trailer, but its what we have. I am grasping at straws in hopes of help. We watch all your shows and love your work ethics and personality.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    Rainy River rained on.

    1. I am. Praying for your family. I had planned on asking Mike for help as I thought I was in dire straights. I really hope that Mike and his team will come to your aid. I don’t know how you can take this any longer. You are obviously a very strong woman but you can only hold out so long. I commend you on your strength and refusal to give up and lose hope. I believe in the power of prayer so leave it in God’s hands. You have done everything you can. My problems are minimal in relation to yours and others so maybe Mike will see this and finally make it right for you and your family. I feel humbled by you so I will wish you the best and pray that Mike will knock on your door. Theresa from Forest Ontario

  13. Mike,

    My sister and brother in law have a new house that with the “lipstick and mascara” looks like a very beautifully built house. Almost 3 years ago they hired a “friend” of there’s who claimed to be a contractor. The guy was in the industry of doing concrete forms for foundations for like hotels and buildings, but it turned out that him and the guy he worked with had not one brain cell between them when it came to actually building residential houses. They hired some guy’s off of craigslist, and they would up not able to read a single blueprint drawing (i.e. trusses put backwards and cut so that they’d fit, or putting a laundry chute form the second floor to the laundry room right in the hallway in front of a bedroom). So they fired that guy (turned out the guy was a former drug addict and had major anger management issues). Then they hired another crew (this time with no contract) and they did nice work but it would up that a lot of the finishing guys (i.e. painters, dry wallers, and cabinet guy’s) seemed to miss a lot of stuff (i.e. only one coat of paint, missing glass in a pocket door, missing trim work on come cabinets and blaming us for it not being there, and the dry wall guy not coming to do touch up work from the finishing carpenters, etc). Then the painters put a lien on the house and the place where the trim work and doors came from put a lien on the house.

    I’m hoping that you and your crew Mike could possibly help out with the place and make these two teachers and their family happy, and give them the dream house that they’ve always wanted.

  14. I am so afraid of this house. We had an inspection but it didn’t uncover any of the horrific things we have discovered. The wiring I am sure is knob&tube and there are junctions visible that are wired together with new wire. We have switches that we don’t know what they are for. The plugs don’t stay in the sockets. Ceiling fans stop spining for no reason even when switchs are on. I don’t sleep very well & often wake up to the smell of something smoldering but when I get up and do the rounds I can’t smell it any more. It has made me perinoid. The plumbing is a big octupus of senseless pipes. We have very little pressure. We fixed a problem in the small bathroom. The toilet was rocking because the floor was rotting out from under it. I am pretty sure we removed some old tiles that were made of asbestos. The floor was very moldy. We also removed an old flagstone patio on the side of the house. We discovered it had rotted out the whole side of the house (40ft)as well as the pillars that hold up the apt on the second floor. There was only one corner left under them to support all that weight. I could put my whole hand under them. We sort of fixed it but I am sure it is not to code. We had no money to hire anyone. I lost my job over a year ago and money is very tight. Also we have a crawl space under the house and the only access we found was a small opening in the floor of the pantry. The only one that can fit into it my son. No adult can access through the small hole. Please consider us for a project worth looking into. I am very scared. Obviously none of the work done on this house by the previous owners was inspected. I cannot believe any inspector would have passed it.


  16. We bought this duplex kmowing it needed some work but not to this degree.We are at a loss at what to do .
    We had the house rewired including a new box and moved up stairs out of the damp old basment. They put the new box in the bedroom but they cut three quirter of two out side wall studs to sink it in to wall. We found out recently that there is One bracker for all the apartment up stairs.
    The apartment up stairs has a room that the floor is sinking , its about three inches lower in one corner.
    Out of all the problems this is the one that stumps us on what to do.We have no foundation under ower Kitchen. The floor that is sliping is the ceiling over the Kitchen.
    Please Look at ower sittuation and consider how we can fix this .

  17. I would just like to know if any of the houses that you have worked on in the past, have the homeowners ever taken the previous contractors to court. If so, what was the outcome?

  18. Hey Mike

    I have a flat roof and it’s been a headache. It’s caused damage inside. The inside has been fixed but the flat roof still needs doing. I am stumped over how to tackle this. Should I put pitch or re-seal it hmmm… I’m not sure. Please I need help. I live in Hammer town

  19. Hi, i am a 61 year old woman, with very little knowledge go home structure or safety. i have lived for many years in my current home, a 3 bedroom back split house; Over the years i have done many home improvements through contractors, some successful and some not. Those that were not were hard learned lessons ;
    I want to now downsize to a smaller home in the same town, but I am becoming more and more nervous about this venture; I hired a contractor to provide new windows for the old house, and he asked for half of the money up front; i provided this money rot him; he called some 3 weeks ago and asked for the rest of the money, and finally admitted he did not even have any of my money left, as he had paid bills with it, and thus did not order the windows. The police cannot help, and although I plan to see a lawyer, this person obviously has no money to refund to me.
    I asked friends to look at the new house with me, and although the sellers (flip) listed all of the updates they had done, there is a problem with the roof and the ceiling, plus various other questionable things, e.g. tiny laundry room with no floor drain, low water pressure, mid-efficiency furnace, etc.
    it is my hope that Mike Holmes might fund this a project worth his time and expertise.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi there, we are in need of help, we thought we could do it ourselves, but it has become to much for us. We bought our house 9 yrs ago, we did have a home inspector and everything came back fine. We moved in the Fall of 2004, and with in a month we found out the basement was leaking, we hired a lawyer, all we wanted was them to fix it, but it got us no where. We spent alot of money on our lawyer to find that he was fired, so there goes that money. So we start again, as we get money we fix what needs it the most. We did do the roof and windows, but now the inside is starting to fall apart, we have cracks in the wall, we have water coming from somewhere, there are patches in the ceiling, our bathroom is a mess, we have cracks in our foundation, we have 2 small kids and i want them to grow up in this house but the way it is going we just do not know what to do, even our counter top in the kitchen is starting to shift and this tells me that our house is shifting all the time it is going to fall down around us. I know that you usually deal with new homes that need help, we watch your show every night, but please help me. My husband tries to do as much as he can, but there is only so much he can do, and only so much money to go around, so please i am asking again, come to our home and help us.

      Thanks Michelle LeBouthillier

    2. Hey Shirley it’s Rick

      I’m sorry to hear about that rip off contractor. What city u from ? Hope I can help u.

  20. Hello, I am replying for my parents who own their home and have had a number of people come in to fix their problems only to make it worse, there is a lot of swelling in the floors and leaks into walls. They are both getting up there in age and don’t know who to turn to, they want the home fixed so that their grandchildren will always have somewhere to go home to. There are definitley issues in this home that need to be fixed before they worsen and my parents are wonderful people who always help people. They do not know I am attempting to contact you, I hope something can be done, they are located in Barriere BC.

  21. dear sirs or madame
    this may not be in your relym,but i would appeciate any asvise i can get. iam 86 years old and have dedicated my life to home and family from day one [1]. throw my working years i have had polio, 1949 heart attack 1974, broken leg1989, quad bypass 2001, stent inplant 2003, to all this i have managed to do all miner house repairs and up keep.plus three of my neighbours properity’s, throw summer and winter plus one summer only. the reason i am contacting u is know i am faced with spousle demita,and most be caregiver and house[wife]. is there anyone u are fimiliar with or know that can help me with properity in the hamilton area. someone that deals with forclosures, bankrepos ect.as we would like to return to the hamilton area to be close to family. thanks so much for any help u can give my dad on this area. his phone number is 1-905-934-3281. his name is norman colbourne,

  22. Hi mike
    I’m living in a house whose more than 25 year old n nothing has been renovated in it since then… We hired someone to start with doing the drive way n the back concrete n he left us with a great mess that we don’t how how to deal with…with 2 kids n a husband that works long hours … Can’t seem to get anything done… N the result of this mess the whole house start to fall apart … Like now that we can’t trust anyone … We have so many thing that needs changing n fixing like the toilet bowl is off n the shower … The wall tiles r starting to come off n the wood frames are worn off n coming off n more n I’m very concerned for my kids safety n health…,

    Thank you

  23. I am keeping it simple!!! My parents are elderly and live in a 800sq ft house. The contractor took them for over $600,000 and had no permits!! They have been very patient with everyone. Unfortunately, their house is cracking and starting to warp. They need your help Mike. People think I look just like Mike Holme but I think I look better!! Lol… I save people’s foundations, otherwise, I would help them… Thanks and hope you can help them.

  24. i wrote the above letter for my dad. my name is marlene, just wondering if u had any a chance to read it. it would be great if u even gave him a call 1-905-943-3281. thanks so much.

  25. In 1993 I had an addition built onto our home and it had the usual permits so it was done legally. We also had a carport built onto the structure. This carport failed this winter and damaged the house by tearing out a few of the trusses over the addition. We also lost two cars as well. Fortunately one of the cars was replaced by the insurance coverage I had on it. The other car was not insured. We had about 2 to 3 feet of packed snow on the roof at that time and I had noticed the rear post was bending a little. I was looking for someone to shovel the roof off but I was unable to find someone who was insured. A few weeks ago the carport collapsed. Insurance is covering the damage so I am okay for the moment but we were very shaken by this incident. I will give you an idea on how this carport was built. The length is 30 feet by 14 feet wide. The trusses spans the full 30 feet which were built with 2 X 4’s at 24 inch centers. The posts were laminated 2 X 6 which had 4 of them nailed together. The beams where plywood 2 X 14 X 14 ft long in which 2 of them were nailed together. The beams were not bolted to the house or the posts. From what I was told is that this structure should have held up the snow load and I can remember the snow being over 4 feet deep in the past with no problems. After the collapse there was a crew here cleaning up the mess and temporary measures were done to keep the snow and rain out of the house. On investigating the carpenter found that the rear post had rotted through 3 of the 2 X 6’s and what had caused it to rot was that the posts were covered with aluminum sheeting. The carpenter told me that the posts should have been treated and also the posts should not have been wrapped in aluminum as it can not breath. The 2 X 6 that was used was probably on the wet side and due to not being able to dry properly they started to rot. I was appalled that this could happen and the worst part is that we could have been under that structure when it collapsed. I just thought that Mike might be interested in knowing this had happened and I am hoping that it will be built right this time. The repairs will be done this spring and the last I heard was that the job will be up for bids.

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