Little Mosque says goodbye

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • Goodbye, Little Mosque: Nice idea, not so funny
    Little Mosque on the Prairie, which ends its run forever tonight (CBC, 8 p.m.) has been called many things. It has been called, in e-mails to me, “an act of social engineering.” It’s been called “groundbreaking,” lighthearted” and “a chuckler.” Unfortunately the most apt description of Little Mosque in recent years is “dreary.” Read more.

From Jeff Dedekker of Postmedia News:

From CBC:

  • Little Mosque says goodbye
    CBC’s ground-breaking show Little Mosque on the Prairie draws to a close Monday night, remaining true to the “ordinary folks” portrayal of Muslims it has practised from the outset. Read more.

From Muhammad Ayish of

  • Lights go dark on ‘Mosque’, but its message still inspires
    When the Canadian sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie goes off the air after six seasons today, it will be remembered not only as one of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s top-rated shows, but also as a reminder of how religious and cultural diversity sustains western-Muslim co-existence. Read more.