15 thoughts on “Republic of Doyle hoping for renewal”

  1. I have no doubt in my mind that this and Arctic Air get renewed. Why wouldn’t they? THey get almost a million viewers per episode… original Canadian shows on other networks would kill for that, really. If this were to get canned by the CBC, I could see Showcase swiping this up in a heartbeat. Great, fun Canadian show.

  2. In case you haven’t noticed, the CBC is under attack by the Harper government. There won’t be a CBC if they have their way. Sign petitions, send e-mails… let Canadians know ..because our news providers are out of touch with reality, so you won’t hear it from them.

    1. Cbc is not going to go any where i think there is a legit a debate should Cbc get the amount of funding they get and if they dod should they be allowed to run ads.

  3. The best, witty, sexy show!
    Canadian from the head to toes!
    MUST GO ON, no way around, EH?

    1. The cuts at CBC are a bit of a worry, but it would be insanity if they impacted Doyle or Arctic Air since these are two of the broadcasters biggest homegrown hits. Would they be silly enough to cancel them in favor of other programs? It’s not as if the CBC has hits all over the place, or even a reputation of creating them.

  4. I only used to watch cbc for hockey. Watched Republic of Doyle couple years back and became hooked. Very entertainning!!! CBC must keep at least one show worth watching

  5. I’m an American who watches this show online. I personally think it puts a lot of American shows to shame that probably have 10x ther budget. I love this show. The greatest thing to come out of Canada since Trailer Park Boys!

  6. This is a great show. Keep it going. You don’t get many great shows like this often.

    1. Having been to Newfoundland and stjohns once
      I just cannot help but being excited ,great acting ,great people of newfoundland it is all wonderful,hats of to you!!

  7. started watching from day one, very entertaining very well put together,action/ acting are great.

  8. It’s not only an amazing show, but an amazing Canadian show. We have virtually no programs that are even half decent, it would be utterly ridiculous of the CBC to cancel it.

  9. We agree that the CBC is under attack from the federal government and that people need to somehow rise up and stop them from further demolitions. Cancelling the best Canadian TV entertainment show ever produced makes even less sense than cancelling Mark Kelley’s “Connect” news magazine, also the best of its kind ever. Long live the “Republic of Doyle”!!

  10. I Love this programme. I watch it on Alibi in the UK…..
    It’s unique ….. Funny quirky and exciting….. With, for the most part, satisfying conclusions ……..
    Like life should be…….!!!!!!!!
    That’s why I enjoy it so much….. It would be criminally insane to not renew it…….

  11. Hope they keep this show going, we really enjoy it here in Australia. over here they have stopped making many of our local drama shows and are putting on heaps of reality shows :( I really hope it does not happen to Canadian viewers. Long live the Republic of Doyle

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