To cut or to keep? Advice for CBC

From Bill Brioux of the Winnipeg Free Press:

  • Suggested CBC cuts and keeps
    Shows like “The Nature of Things” and “Doc Zone” are what make CBC distinct and need to be protected. Setting newscasts aside, here’s one observer’s view on how CBC should handle cuts to the rest of its schedule. Read more.
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Diane Wild

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2 thoughts on “To cut or to keep? Advice for CBC”

  1. With the chance of no nhl next year i think there is the time for a Cbc to go big with battle of the blades yes current nhl players expand the episode order have 2 season of 14 week each.

  2. If CBC has holes in its schedules, I’d love to see more Canadian films. Canadians make lots of wonderful indie films that never play at more than a couple of theaters before they disappear. How about putting some more of them on television?

    They’ve already been paid for by Telefilm, so it wouldn’t cost much. . .

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