Murdoch Mysteries season 5 to air on CBC

From Twitter (sigh) comes news that Murdoch Mysteries season 5, which was previously going to air on Citytv, will air on CBC this fall. More details are expected tomorrow. CBC had picked up a sixth season after Citytv announced it would end production after season five.


17 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries season 5 to air on CBC”

  1. I don’t think this was totally unexpected, at least not by me. I hope this means the CBS will give S05 a solid slot and the promo it deserves. Now if only they’d pick-up Endgame too! :-)

  2. its a great season; already almost finished on Alibi in the UK,and easily available online

  3. The main purpose of this site is to let people know when Canadian shows will air. Kind of impressive you could go this long without realizing that Joe.

  4. “… which was previously going to air on Citytv, will air on CBC this fall.”

    So this post is in error. The above phrase clearly implies that it will no longer air on Citytv but instead on CBC … posts today contradict that since it is still airing first on Citytv.

    Still, I hope it gets good ratings in it’s reruns on the CBC.

  5. Okay,okay, CBC. Just pick a GOOD time slot for Murdoch Mysteries and KEEP IT THERE–DON’T KEEP MOVING IT AROUND!! I’ll just set the DVR and watch it when I get home from work. Oh, and promoting it properly would help: not like some other stations who (whom? grammar is my Mom’s Mom) shall remain nameless–and unwatched now that Murdoch Mysteries has moved.

  6. This is one of the best shows on air today. Thank God it is not “who can dance, who can sing, who can survive on an island with lots of cameras, doctors, food, shelter, etc. ” The plots are interesting and the acting is stupendous. Each show gives us something to try and figure out u;nlike so many shows that start off so badly you already know what is on the back page. Yippee for

  7. Thank Goodness it was saved. Don’t understand the thinking behind these stations. This is an amazing show with a terrific following/fans. It isn’t produced like some other canadian shows that are so boring thus the reason for the saying couch potatoe cuz you fall asleep and can’t get up.
    Thanks CBC. Here is hoping you guys promote it to death. Super detective work. I’ve read all Maureen’s books.

  8. I am very sorry youare taking off Murdoch Mysteries it is a ery good show and we can’t wait for number 6 season to come out,
    It is one of the best shows on tv

  9. A intelligent entertaining Canadian program.No American style BS.(Starsky&Hutch?)This show is not to be missed ,Don,t mess with it,EVER.

  10. This 5th season has already aired on City TV earlier this year. For fans the launch on CBC is an overly heralded premier of reruns. Not a great way to try and keep and build an audience. I love the show but I may not remember to tune in to season 6 in January 2013!!

  11. Love the show and if you love it too, you will remember to watch for it in January. Thanks CBC for picking it up.

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