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From Alex Strachan of Postmedia News:

  • The time-travellers’ strife
    “I like these strong female role models,” Rachel Nichols says, catching her breath between takes. “Carlos – Victor Webster – had a shower scene the other day. Without his top on. He gets to do all the fun eye-candy stuff, and I get to kill people. It’s gritty.” Read more.

From Scott Stinson of the National Post:

  • Fighting the not-so-good fight in Continuum
    We can say this for the bleak futuristic dystopia offered up in the new sci-fi series Continuum: At least no one appears forced to fight each other for food. Things, though, are by no means all that rosy in 2077. As the series opens, we hear from a white-haired “terrorist” leader who is talking about striking a blow in support of freedom and against state-run tyranny and all that. Kind of like the Occupy movement, but with bombs instead of pup tents. Read more.

From Jesse Kinos-Goodin of the National Post:

  • Rachel Nichols on what it’s like to be Time Cop North in Continuum
    I like to ask people what if all of a sudden you woke up in 1947? Everything would be completely different from how you know it. That’s what happens to Kiera: she’s a police officer, a “protector,” from the year 2077 and wakes up in 2012. She’s a future cop, fighting future criminals, in the present day. That’s what one of the things that makes it interesting, that fish-out-of-water element, mixed with that desire to get home to her family. Read more.

From Bill Harris of QMI Agency:

  • Rachel Nichols goes sci-fi with ‘Continuum’
    Rachel Nichols plays a cop from the future in Continuum, which is shot and set in Vancouver, and debuts Sunday, May 27 on Showcase. Nichols’ character, a “protector” named Kiera Cameron, gets caught in a time-travel escapade that transports her from 2077 to 2012. Read more.

From Cassandra Szklarski of the Canadian Press:

From Annette Bourdeau of Huffington Post Canada:

  • ‘Continuum’: Everything You Need To Know About The Sci-Fi Cop Show
    I’m standing in a drab, monochromatic police department TV set in Vancouver that could quite feasibly serve as the base for any number of procedural police dramas on the air right now. Except this particular police show has something none of the others do: a foxy cop from the future. Yes, the cop and sci-fi genres have been melded together for the hot new summer show “Continuum,” set to debut on Showcase this week. Read more.

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  1. Liked, but didn’t quite love the pilot. On the whole the premise and a lot of the questions the show is asking are really interesting. Nichols is always great and there’s a decent supporting cast (for the most part).

    On the flip side, the plot holes and dialogue need some serious work. Will be watching to see how this one develops over its first run.

    Our take on the pilot:

  2. Watched all 10 episodes on a delayed basis, and I hope that they (Showcase) decides to renew the series for Season 2…

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