New tonight: Rookie Blue on Global


Rookie Blue, Global – “Class Dismissed”
While tracking down a stolen vehicle, Andy and Swarek pick up the trail of a volatile teen after he robs and violently assaults a notorious local criminal — who also happens to be his girlfriend’s father. Realizing it’s a case of young love gone terribly wrong, Andy and Swarek must find the teenaged couple before it’s too late.


3 thoughts on “New tonight: Rookie Blue on Global”

  1. I have noticed that Rookie Blue is less Canadian this season. It seems that it is avoiding any known Canadian locations in the Toronto area and using American expressions such as “candy bar’ instead of “chocolate bar” that we would be using. I am anticipating the use of “soda pop” instead of “soft drink”. When did the change occur? Did ABC invest money in the production and / or threaten to cancel the show if they were not satisfied with the Americanization of the shoq?

    1. I hadn’t noticed anything in the first episode this year to suggest it was trying to downplay its Canadian-ness, but with what you said in mind, the second episode did seem to be a little more vague about its setting.

      Not sure why. Given the state of geography education here in the States, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of (if not most) Americans think that Toronto and Vancouver are American cities.

  2. Where did you get the idea that Canadians don’t say “candy bar”? And I don’t hear anyone here in Toronto ordering “soft drinks”. These seem rather random phrases to point to as Canadianisms.

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