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  1. I hope Showcase renews King for another season. The show is smart and well put together. It would be an absolute shame if the show didn’t get picked up again.

  2. I read a blog today about the series King not being renewed for a 3rd season. This series has everything–action,great story lines,and ‘sexy’ characters(meaning you identify with them and also find them attractive and appealing) Perhaps the theme of a strong woman with an innate ability to solve crimes is not all that popular.? Now all I will have to watch is that insipid ‘Unforgettable’- and her only talent is some ethereal photographic memory.–not an actual ,real-life ability.Why can’t a woman just be portrayed as truly talented–like Goren on Law and Order who had that same incredible ability to see through people. Please reconsider–I know the deed is probably already done.But from a woman’s point of view–I am disappointed that such a ground-breaking series has not been given a chance.

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  3. Never fear – every new Canadian series this year is about a female cop. (Though Unforgettable was also cancelled.)

  4. Please bring King back. It was such a delightful refreshing series.
    We are now left with such dribble as Keeping up with the Kardashians (seriously-who cares) rumours of a Justin Bieber reality show (please don’t inflict this kind of torture on us) Pawn Stars, How I met your mother and 3 1/2 men. Reruns of Missing are ok, but no new series so whats the point of watching.

  5. I’m also bummed out that King was cancelled. As others have said, it was so great to have no gimmicks, no magic powers, and be able to watch motivated characters striving whilst dealing with a variety of contemporary life challenges. And to see Toronto as Toronto, not pretending to be a city in somewhere-USA was exciting. A real chance to showcase perhaps the most multi-cultural city in the world. I’ve lived in London, U.K., which arguably has large numbers of immigrants; but it’s not really multi-cultural, so much harder for people to get a foothold there, to be themselves. And then there’s the appeal of King herself ~ When will Canadians be ready for a strong female lead?! What about Helen Mirren as Inspector (…I forget); she had a huge following in many countries. But I digress. To the cast and creators of King, thanks for a wonderful series!

  6. Finally found n watched a tv series with everything i respect and it’s been cancelled out. Typical create something good get followers and then poof gone so very disappointed.

  7. Bring King back!! I’ve really enjoyed watching seasons 1 & 2 this summer. How can they leave us hanging? What happens to Jess & Danny? She’s smart & driven, a great flawed character really. Bring her back

  8. Bring King back! It was one if not the best tv program on TV. It was well done /good actors. Great show !

  9. More King, please! Great characters, good story lines, could even put up with Tronna (centre of the universe) location! Seriously, I’m disappointed there won’t be more.

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