New tonight: Murdoch Mysteries on Citytv

Murdoch Mysteries, Citytv – “War on Terror”
While investigating an explosion, Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) infiltrates an anarchist group led by American labour organizer, Emma Goldman (Lisa Norton, Bomb Girls).


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  1. As an ACTRA and UDA member, I would like to audition for the Murdoch Mysteries. Please let me know who does the casting and the email contact. I would be very grateful. I have been several times on as background but I would like to get a few lines or more as a doctor, lawyer, minister, priest, politican, prof, etc.
    Thank you.
    Jean-Paul Reymont

  2. Season 4 * Episode 5 which aired tonight August 23rd Monsieur Murdoch with Inspector Marcel Guillaume from France. Obviously Yannick Soulier in that role, stole the show. Very Charismatic Actor.

  3. The Murdoch Mysteries is the best Canadian television production ever. However, I am hoping to produce an independent police show here in Calgary in 2013. This will be a sort of tribute to Scotland’s best ever police series called Taggart.


    The proposed show will have a Scottish police inspector, along with his team, investigating odd and unusual cases in and around Calgary. It will be a bit like Taggart meets the the Twilight Zone – a cop show with a difference.

    A Facebook page is under construction with all the details, so if interested, email me at

    Bill Gibbons

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