8 thoughts on “CBC orders 3 pilots: The Khouris, Port Hope, 19-2”

  1. I am very excited to hear there will be an anglo version of 19-2 coming. I love that show on SRC and a second season of the original should be coming this winter after a 2 year wait!!!

  2. Diane, since i missed Port Hope i thought it perhaps a good idea to ask if you knew anything about the status of 19-2 (English) but then i looked up one of the production companies and on the English version of their website it says that a series has been commissioned by Bravo! This here says the pilot was commissioned by CBC. Did someone get the wrong broadcaster or did 19-2 really make a channel jump prior to premiere? :)

    I suppose it could be spun as CBC giving back to Bravo, which is where Murdoch Mysteries was originally to be shown before the great shuffle of ownership those few years ago.

    And clearly it is a lazy early Sunday morning because i just noticed there is a category for 19-2 which has the article from June in it. I should be awake sometime soon.

    1. Ha, yes, CBC didn’t order 19-2 to series but Bravo did. I’m not sure if it involved any cooperation with CBC but in any case it is coming as an English series.

      1. Now having awoken and thought about this… have you heard anything about what is happening with the episode CBC commissioned?
        * Is Bravo using it as their episode 1?
        * Is Bravo using parts of it for what they want but perhaps having it remixed as the 7th episode like what was done with the pilot of Shattered when parts of it became the 11th episode?
        * Will it be appearing as a one-off on CBC some time when noone is looking like what was done with Republic Of Doyle’s half-hour comedy version (not that the hour version isn’t funny) three summers ago?
        * If you happen to have a copy of the show passed on by CBC … :D

        1. My guess would be that Bravo’s is a separate development – as in CBC will quietly air their pilot as they usually do, but the Bravo show will be different. CBC doesn’t send me screeners of shows they didn’t pick up unfortunately – they don’t even announce their air date. It’s a funding requirement that they air them so they generally slide them in with no fanfare.

  3. To be fair, CBC’s most recent busted pilots (Port Hope, Gavin Crawford’s Wild, Wild West, Layla & Jen) are on CBC Player. I assume CBC’s English version of 19-2 will go there, unless CBC, Sphere Media Plus, and Echo Media agree not to disseminate the pilot, as per Canada Media Fund guidelines.

    At least CBC Player puts its busted pilots online, now. I’m not sure how recent a development that is, and the busted pilots aren’t listed as such. I don’t expect better treatment for series CBC won’t go ahead with, and likely won’t revisit.

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