New tonight: Continuum season finale

Continuum, Showcase – “Endtimes”
Kiera (Nichols) must race against the clock when she realizes that in her timeline, today is the day that terrorists bomb a building killing hundreds of innocent people. As she tries to stop the imminent bombing, Liber8 kidnaps her trusty sidekick Alec (Erik Knudsen; Jericho) after he realizes his stepbrother Julian (Richard Harmon; The Killing) is under their sway. Continuum also stars Victor Webster (Castle), Roger Cross (24), Stephen Lobo (Smallville), Tony Amendola (Once Upon a Time), Lexa Doig (V), Omari Newton (Blue Mountain State) and Luvia Petersen (The L Word).

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    1. Or Nicholas Lea (seemed like an X-Files reunion with both Agent Krycek and The Cigarette-Smoking Man).

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