New tonight: Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries, Citytv – “Murdoch in Toyland”

Detective Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is taunted by a deranged criminal who leaves talking dolls with chilling personal messages for him at each crime scene.


2 thoughts on “New tonight: Murdoch Mysteries”

  1. TOY LAND….I’m happy to see an interesting return of Dr. Ogden, but tonight,I can’t say that Maureen Jennings has been very original… it looks very much so like CSI and the miniature killer mixed with the episode of the landscaper who burried Nicky alive…

    1. Whatever unoriginality you may have found in this particular episode, it’s not Maureen Jennings’s fault.

      Jennings wrote the original Murdoch novels that the TV series is based on, but she’s only (co-)written one episode of the TV series, and it wasn’t this one.

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