New tonight: The Bachelor Canada, Recipe to Riches

The Bachelor Canada, Citytv
The drama continues with another week of romantic dates. Brad explores a cattle ranch in Calgary with one bachelorette and takes another on hot date in Mexico. Meanwhile, rivalries sweep through mansion, as Brad discovers that more than one woman has found a place in his heart. Then, a jaw-dropping rose ceremony leaves everyone on edge.

Recipe to Riches, Food Network Canada
Season premiere.


4 thoughts on “New tonight: The Bachelor Canada, Recipe to Riches”

  1. So I learned elsewhere today – have been posting about it since the beginning but will stop now that I know it’s not a minority coproduction.

  2. Food network and Temple Street Productions do not want the public to know BUT THE CONTEST IS FIXED. Last year’s winner, Glo Mcneill is a food professional and worked for Galen Weston. Not a coincidence that she won. Check out all the articles in Southshorenow
    about Glo and you will see for yourself. DO NOT BUY THE RTR’S products. There was no voting that took place last year. The producers picked the winner before the contest ever got started. Pass this along to all your friends. THE CONTEST IS FIXED. President’s
    Choice made over $50,000,000.00 selling the winning products but CANADA NEVER VOTED. Please join me in my quest for justice. Glo needs to return the money and John Grass named the winner. Please call the producers and complain. This contest is a joke and isn’t

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