Tiny Plastic Men premieres December 3 on Super Channel

From a media release:

Tiny Plastic Men Work Hard by Playing Harder

Are you a closet geek, openly nerdy, or just love geek culture and comedy in general? Then Mosaic Entertainment and Super Channel have a new part-sitcom, part-sketch comedy television series that will blow your nerd meter right off the charts. Tiny Plastic Men is a new comedy series format that will keep viewers entertained with fun nerdy characters and great storylines along with a generous dash of random sketches that let viewers’ imaginations run wild all at the same time.

Produced by Mosaic Entertainment, Tiny Plastic Men is a comedy series about three man-boys who work hard but play harder as toy prototype testers in their rec room style basement office at Gottfried Brothers Toy and Train Co. As they play in their weird world of toys, their imaginations take them into fantasy sketches where all their biggest nerd fantasies come true.

Fresh from the debut of their horror-comedy feature Truckstop Bloodsuckers on national comedy channel BITE and the third season of the popular award winning sketch comedy series for APTN CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, Executive Producers Camille Beaudoin and Eric Rebalkin are excited for the launch of Tiny Plastic Men. The series is created and written by two favorite Nuts, Matt Alden and Mark Meer (voice of Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard), and local theatre fav Chris Craddock, who also star as the three lead characters. With Calgarian writer Tony Binns and incredible animations from Riley Beach (spicybackpain), the show is just the perfect amount of live action, sketch comedy and animation. Additional local talent Belinda Cornish, Jesse Gervais, Jessica Hilbrecht, Andrew MacDonald-Smith, Amy Shostak and William Mitchell round out the cast along with seasoned veteran John B. Lowe (The Butterfly Effect) playing the toy company owner. “We have some of the best comedians and actors in the world right here in Edmonton, and they are showing up in spades on this series.” says Rebalkin. Georges Laraque, Michelle Molineux and James Higuchi make hilarious special guest stars.

Never one to just focus on one medium, Mosaic Entertainment is using the digital world to seriously expand their show’s reach and capitalize on the online geek culture fan base. “The gaming, collectibles, and genre fans are our favourite kind of audience, and Chris, Mark and Matt know this audience well because they are a part of it.” says Beaudoin. Not only will Tiny Plastic Men feature a unique interactive website (www.tinyplasticmen.ca) and strong Facebook and Twitter accounts that bring you daily information and tidbits on all things toy and collectible related (@TinyPlasticMen and www.facebook.com/TinyPlasticMen), but fans will also be able to interact directly with the lead characters of the show on Twitter (@CraddTPM, @OctoberTPM, @AddisonTPM). Rebalkin says, “The three lead characters are each so unique and funny that we thought who wouldn’t want to get to know them better? And it’s so awesome that the lead actors will actually each be running their own respective character’s twitter accounts.”

Tiny Plastic Men is set to air Mondays beginning December 3rd, 2012 on Super Channel. Visit www.superchannel.ca for more information.