Heartland’s social media success

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  • Heartland: Discovering Life in Canada
    Heartland, the Canadian family drama, has enjoyed steady success since its CBC debut in October 2007. Now in its sixth season, the show follows the lives of sisters Amy and Samantha Louise ‘Lou’ Fleming as they live and work on their grandfather’s Alberta horse farm. The subject matter may be as Canadian as maple syrup, but the hour-long primetime drama has already been syndicated in 25 countries, indicating a popularity that transcends national borders. One key facet to this global success is their strong online strategy, which uses blogging, social media, and gaming to further draw the fans, or Heartlanders, in to the Heartland universe. Read more.

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  1. oh my gosh i am your biggest fan i know you here this alot but i watched all of your episoids two times already and tye i love u and amy u and tye should date in reallaty

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