CBC’s winter season needs a hockey miracle – or a monkey

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • An answer to the CBC’s prayers: the Ikea monkey fella
    Fact is, if Hockey Night in Canada doesn’t return soon, CBC’s new “winter season” will be lacking a major promotional platform, one that’s needed to promote the new crazy-cop drama Cracked, the return of Mr. D and the fact that Republic of Doyle moves to Sundays, starting Jan. 6. Listen, the monkey is internationally renowned now, and who better to promote CBC’s new and returning shows? An issue might be the fee, since the monkey fella is way more famous than anyone on CBC right now. That news will come as a shock to Kevin O’Leary, but while O’Leary might be said to have more money than sense or good grace on TV, the monkey fella has more sense than money. Read more.