Sunday: Horses of McBride

Horses of McBride, CTV
Inspired by real-life events, in THE HORSES OF MCBRIDE, cowboy-outfitter Matt Davidson (Aidan Quinn, Unknown) has decided to sell his family ranch and find work in the city. His wife Avril (Kari Matchett, COVERT AFFAIRS, 24) and son Kenny (Edward Ruttle, HELLCATS) have embraced the move, but his daughter Nicki (MacKenzie Porter, R.L. Stine’s THE HAUNTING HOUR), who dreams of being an outfitter and mountain guide like her dad, is shocked and angry. It’s late December 2008, when two starving horses are discovered high up on the Rockies, trapped in a six foot-deep prison of snow more than 30 miles from any road. After seeing the spirit in their eyes, Nicki commits to getting them off the mountain – somehow. With no other options, she picks up a shovel and starts to dig out the mile-long path in deep snow to a groomed snowmobile trail, inspiring her father, family, and an entire community to pitch in. Encore presentation airs Friday, Dec. 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV Two