Borealis pilot-turned-movie airs tonight


From Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald:

From The Province:

  • Global warming sci-fi tale Borealis gets two-hour TV airing
    If you’re a fan of near-future arctic westerns, this weekend might be your only chance to catch this one. The fictional Borealis (6 p.m. Friday, re-airing 3 p.m. Saturday on Canada’s Space network) is set in a frontier town in a defrosted arctic 30 years into the future, and was filmed during the fall of 2011 outside of Calgary. The network opted not to go to a full series, choosing to air the first two episodes as a two-hour movie, but the producers say they’re pursuing other options to continue the show. Read more.

14 thoughts on “Borealis pilot-turned-movie airs tonight”

  1. This was good and a big potential, Bell/Space would have continued that instead of the useless primeval new world

  2. Katie,

    You do, it’s called the SciFi Channel — now renamed SyFy — which at one time I wish we would’ve gotten in Canada, because it was so much better than Space, but now SyFy sucks!

  3. I absolutely loved this pilot. Just the right mix of action and intrigue. Stellar performances by the cast, especially by the terrific Ty Olsson. Smartly written Sci-Fi shows like this one are a rarity. I’d love to see it go to series, but it seems like SPACE and BellMedia are ignoring our pleas for one.

  4. Yep have you noticed all the good scfi shows seem to get canned before they are truly given a chance, Just like Firefly, just like this show and I can name a multitude of others that got cut and only pilot movies were shown. The TV stations don’t listen to there viewers/fans.

  5. The TV stations don’t listen to their viewers, but the advertisers who sponsored this pilot should! I agree with Dave M. Great show! I was looking forward to the series as were other people I know. The sponsors sure missed out on this one and so have we! Space was stupid not to run with it!. Hope someone else has sense to!

  6. Just caught this film. An interesting Canadian geopolitical take, including indigenous peoples, on the future of global warming. And so much better than most of the garbage that we increasingly get on the so-called Space Channel.

    1. I also just caught this pilot/movie. Even with Shaw mislabeling it. This show was excellent!! I was all excited for new great series until some googling suggests that is not likely. Letting another great show go, in favour of lesser ones… I find myself watching less of Space. Not giving great shows like this a chance it is no wonder…

  7. only just saw borealis . great show i would whatch a series for sure . the cast is awsome. good story line BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!

  8. Loved it! Loved it! And I’m sadly not a fan of Canadian movies but would b great to c more like that

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