The trouble with Canadian TV

From Alex Strachan of Postmedia News:

  • Canadian TV faces host of problems
    “As a Canadian television executive, the biggest frustration is that I have to compete with and worry about simulcasts. I don’t control my schedule. One example: The Big Bang Theory is the No. 1 show in Canada. CBS moved Two and a Half Men from Mondays at 9 to Thursdays after Big Bang. Which is great, because it’s a killer hour — the No. 1 and two comedies in Canada. But I actually would have preferred it had stayed on Mondays because then I could have used those two shows to launch Canadian shows behind them. But if I’d kept Two and a Half Men on Monday — I can only get so much of a pre-release — I’d have had to air it four days later, and by then it’s old and mouldy, and everyone would just watch it on CBS anyway. Not controlling our destiny is the toughest thing to deal with.” Read more.