Monday: Mr. D, Ron James, Murdoch, Being Human, Know-It-All, Match Game, J4L


Mr. D, CBC – “Late Shift”
Gerry takes a second job but struggles to juggle both. When the school is pressed to cut costs, Robert is forced to cut from Leung’s library. When Trudy learns Bobbi can’t flirt, she calls her on it.

The Ron James Show, CBC – “Home”
Ron proves that when it comes to funny, there’s no place like Home. A young couple’s search for their dream home turns ugly when the wife becomes possessed – literally – with getting into the right neighbourhood; when a man realizes the storage unit he’s renting is roomier than his downtown condo, he starts to think inside the box; L’il Ronnie attempts a daredevil bike jump to impress a girl; and in this week’s Ode to the Road, Ron finds the “magnetism” in Moncton, New Brunswick. Special guests: Lauren Ash, Raoul Bhaneja & Allana Harkin.

Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Winston’s Lost Night”
After a veteran of a brutal North African battle is slain by a sword, Detective Murdoch’s prime suspect is the victim’s fellow soldier, who is none other than Winston Churchill.

Being Human, Space – Season 3 premiere
Season 3 picks up 15 months after the events of last season’s riveting finale which ended with Aidan (Sam Witwer, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) being buried alive as punishment from vampire leader Mother (Deena Azziz, The Moth Diaries), Sally (Meaghan Rath, 18 TO LIFE) lost in a state of limbo, and Josh’s (Sam Huntington, Not Another Teen Movie) plot to kill Ray (Andreas Apergis, 18 TO LIFE), his werewolf “maker” — which instead endangered Nora (Kristen Hager, Wanted).

Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All, Discovery – “Dive Deep, Shoot Straight…To Survive”
The 10 Know-It-Alls arrive for the competition and are instantly thrown into the deep end – literally! First, they must SCUBA dive and defuse an underwater bomb; then battle it out in a know-it-all knowledge gun duel; and finally try to avoid elimination by winning the “name that thing” challenge. For one Know-It-All, the game ends here.

Match Game, Comedy
Tonight’s guest judges Andy Kindler (CONAN), DeAnne Smith (LAST COMIC STANDING), Nile Seguin (VIDEO ON TRIAL), and Lainey Lui (ETALK) gift audiences with their ludicrousness.

Just For Laughs: All Access, Comedy
Straight from Montréal, comics Joel McHale (COMMUNITY), Jack McBrayer (30 ROCK), Mario Cantone (SEX IN THE CITY), Ryan Hamilton (CAROLINE RHEA AND FRIENDS), podcast icon Pete Holmes (UGLY AMERICANS), Britain’s Gina Yashere (MARRIED SINGLE MOTHER), and home-grown hero Dave Hemstad (LITTLE MOSQUE) steal the stage at the Just For Laughs Festival.