Tuesday: Rick Mercer Report, 22 Minutes, Cracked

cracked_ofh_revised3_2-gall-thumb-638xauto-247949.jpgRick Mercer Report, CBC

Tonight Rick is in New Brunswick at the Sabian Cymbal factory which supplies cymbals to top musicians worldwide. He and Sean Dalton, drummer with The Trews rock band, assist making cymbals and later Rick plays them at a Trews concert in Fredericton. Rick then heads off to Winnipeg for some cable snow-boarding.

22 Minutes, CBC
Our tech expert goes crazy over the debut of innovative new TVs at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas; we present Canadians with an essential pre-game primer from the birthplace of hockey just in time for the return of NHL hockey; and, inspired by the hit movie, prominent French-Canadians raise their voices to immortalize the most recent chapter of Quebec history with political intrigue, citizen redemption, and student protests.

Cracked, CBC – “Fallen”
Psych Crimes investigates the connection between a manic patient’s apocalyptic hallucinations, and a violent murder. Guest: Enrico Colantoni