Monday: Mr. D, Ron James, Murdoch Mysteries, Being Human, Wild Things

dominic_2Mr. D, CBC – “World Religions”

Gerry’s ‘World Religions’ unit goes off course when he brings his personal views into the classroom. Trudy and Robert compete to get the best birthday gift for Callaghan. Simon has a crush on a new teacher whom Gerry thinks is a man.

The Ron James Show, CBC
Ron takes one for the team when he looks at competition and our competitive world. A simple office bet becomes lethal when a paper-tosser becomes obsessed; a group of poker buddies agree to let their sick friend win, but all bets are off when one of them is dealt a once in a lifetime hand; L’il Ronnie feels the heat when he has to cover up a classroom “accident”; and Conservative radio talk show host Buell Crawford is at his slickest when he stands up for an unlikely underdog – Big Oil. Featuring a special guest appearance by Matt Watts, the creator, writer and star of CBC’s multiple Canadian Screen Awards nominated program, MICHAEL: TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS.

Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Murdoch on the Corner”
After a series of seemingly random murders, Murdoch rigs a film camera with a timer on a downtown street corner in order to capture the killer.

Being Human, Space – “Dead Girls Just Want To Have Fun”
Sally flirts with Trent (John Bregar, MURDOCH MYSTERIES), an old acquaintance; Aidan searches for blood and reunites with someone from his past; and Josh considers taking his relationship with Nora further, while Nora meets a foe intent on revenge.

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, OLN – Series premiere “Vietnam – Giant Water Bug”
Dominic Monaghan (Lost) brings his love of crawling creatures and amazing animals to a travel-adventure series that explores the remote corners of the globe. Watch as he searches for some the rarest and most-feared creatures on the planet and educates viewers on their origins and unique qualities. In the series premiere, Dominic travels to Vietnam’s Mekong Delta to a crocodile-infested lake in search of the giant water bug, one of the world’s most dangerous aquatic insects.