Tuesday: Mercer, 22 Minutes, Cracked, Primeval


Rick Mercer Report, CBC
Tonight Rick is in Saskatoon to celebrate Ukrainian New Year with traditional costumes, dancing, and food, then he’s off to Lake Winnipeg for some ice fishing.

22 Minutes, CBC
Hockey is back and Commander Hadfield ‘sings’ about it with help from 22 Minutes; News of Cirque du Soleil performer layoffs finds them matched to surprising new job opportunities, Mark Critch goes to Washington for Obama’s coronation, and Susan Kent reports from the red carpet at the Liberal Leadership Debate in Vancouver.

Cracked, CBC – “What We Can’t See”
A bullied schoolgirl violently lashes out at her tormenters, Aidan and Daniella dig into her home-life and find bizarre ties that extend well beyond the family.

Primeval: New World, Space – “Breakthrough”
Footage of a triceratops goes viral on the net forcing Evan (Niall Matter, EUREKA) and Dylan (Sara Canning, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) to track the creature to an upscale neighbourhood and to the home of Evan’s old rival Howard Kanan (Colin Ferguson, EUREKA), who is only too capable of understanding the implications of Anomalies and intersections in time.