Tuesday: Mercer, 22 Minutes, Cracked, Primeval


Rick Mercer Report, CBC
Rick discovers the magic of Toronto’s Famous People Players theatre company and their unique blacklight technique that brings puppets to life. Then he’s off to Montreal to train with Canada’s National Fencing Team.

22 Minutes, CBC
News of declining sales at Hooters is forcing the restaurant chain to rebrand to attract a broader clientele; 22 Minutes is with Tony Clement for the opening of parliament; A new drama from PBS combines British period drama with British entertainers The Beatles in “Downton Abbey Road”.

Cracked, CBC – “White Knight”
Aidan develops a dangerous relationship with a woman he rescues from a psychotic killer still on the loose.

Primeval: New World – “The Great Escape”
After a Terror Bird attacks a bystander, Dylan and Evan are called in by Dylan’s old colleague Detective Harlow (Adrian Holmes, Red Riding Hood). They’re left puzzled as to where the bird came from, when no Anomaly has been detected — until they recognize LEGGY, whose now grown and dangerous.