Wednesday: Bomb Girls, Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air

image005Bomb Girls, Global – “The Harder We Fight”
When a group of Maritimers arrive at the plant, one of the girls, Reggie, immediately draws Betty’s suspicions and ire. Meanwhile, Lorna’s hot-blooded son Gene convinces Gladys to join him on an adventure that leads where neither expected. Featuring a cameo appearance by ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey.

Mr. D, CBC – “Overnight Trip”
Gerry concocts a scheme to get his class to go to Boston so that he and Bill can watch a Celtics game. His plans slip away when he’s forced to hang out with a drunk Vice Principal.

The Ron James Show, CBC -“Rules”
In this episode, Ron looks at why we make… and break… ‘The Rules’. With special guests Barry Flatman & Linda Kash.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Stormy Weather”
Bobby, Krista and Blake are trapped in an abandoned Dew Line station — only to find out they’re not alone.


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