Seed reviews and interviews

From Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun:

  • New sitcom ‘Seed’ has promise
    Do you find Harry adorable? I should throw in that Harry is a typical TV bachelor bartender, the sort of underachieving late-20s slacker slob that you see a lot of these days. But do you think he’s dreamy? If you do, then you probably will like Seed, which debuts Monday, Feb. 4 on City. Read more.

From Bill Brioux of the Canadian Press:

From Andrea Nemetz of the Chronicle Herald:

  • Stars of Seed share chemistry, camaraderie
    Finding Mr. — or Ms. — Right is all about chemistry. Carrie-Lynn Neales and Adam Korson discovered that undefinable “it” on their first read-through for the new Halifax-shot sitcom Seed. “Adam was the first person of three I tested with and instantly, in the waiting room, we just clicked, there was this chemistry,” says Neales by phone from her Toronto home. Read more.

From Glen Schaefer of The Province:

  • Mother and son duo grow in sitcom Seed
    The mother and son acting duo of Nicole Oliver and William Ainscough were juggling jobs for much of last fall, as nine-year-old William scored a lead role in the new Halifax-filmed TV comedy series Seed. Read more.

From Gloria Martin of 680 News:

From Jamie Hall of the Edmonton Journal:

  • Edmonton actor goes to Seed
    Matt Baram’s starring role in the new TV series Seed is a far cry from his beginnings with Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre improv troupe more than 20 years ago. But it’s even farther from his first acting gig in elementary school, when he shambled awkwardly onto the stage in a costume fashioned entirely out of cardboard. Read more.

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  1. Not acceptable to watch. A kid under 10 goes to a strip club saying he wants to see naked women , a teenager goes there and says she wants her freedom. What are we doing to our society by producing such tv shows ? A sperm donor who has tons of kids around , what if they meet each other God knows fall in love with each other , what does that make them? I mean no one bothered thinking the outcome this show might have on the people.

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