Wednesday: Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air


Mr. D, CBC – “The Other Woman”
When Bobbi and her long-term boyfriend Craig break up again, Gerry is there for the rebound… Craig’s rebound. Robert is faced with disciplining Leung’s students. Jimmy seeks Simon’s advice on growing wheatgrass but Gerry is convinced that wheatgrass is code for dope.

The Ron James Show, CBC – “Truth, Lies & Spin”
Ron looks at the growing friction between fact and fiction when he examines our dizzying world of TRUTH, LIES, & SPIN. Special Guests: Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Arlene Duncan, Jonas Chernick, Amanda Brugel.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Dangerous Cargo”
A desperate biologist holds Krista and Bobby at gunpoint in the Arctic Air offices, along with a polar bear.


One thought on “Wednesday: Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air”

  1. Very disappointing 2nd season of Arctic Air. Weak story lines so far. Why silly murder and mayhem all of a sudden? Turned off the 3rd episode about 10 minutes in, watching this woman “threatening” Bobby and Krista. Ridiculous. Counted at least 10 times when either one of them could have overpowered her and put the issue to rest. Bleh. It’s close to being “grounded” before Season 2 even gets into a groove.

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