Sean Cullen Gets Big Laughs at the Canadian Screen Awards


Sean Cullen (Rocket Monkeys, Almost Naked Animals) On Writers & His Mentality Surrounding the Awards

(Photo by Derek Langer)

I asked Sean to talk about his experience writing and working with writers.

“That’s one thing that Canada really breeds a lot of – great writers. Like Matt Watts and Bob Martin and Tim Steeves, Luciano Casimiri, all these people who work for so many different shows. I love collaborating with writers, that’s what I think is amazing. When I have to write a novel it’s a lonely thing, when I get to write television it’s a very collaborative thing – that’s what I really enjoy.”

When I asked him how he felt about the positive response to his humour at the awards, he was humble.

“I just try and be a little irreverent and weird and silly and say things that people WANT to say, maybe – but I’m not mean. I’m just a bit strange and fun and try to not be too nervous. I just enjoy it. I love to rise to these occasions. It was fun and I hope I’m not wearing out my welcome.”


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