Tuesday: Mercer, 22 Minutes, Cracked


Rick Mercer Report, CBC

Rick is in Selkirk, Manitoba to check out the ice jam prevention programme on the Red River and then he’s off to the Toronto Rehab hospital to sample their revolutionary research.

22 Minutes, CBC

Murdoch Mysteries’ Yannick Bisson joins the 22 cast as guest host, Mark Critch rrrrrrolls up the rim directly from the Tim Horton’s Ontario coffee roastery, and Shaun Majumder reports from inside the red carpet at the new Canadian Screen Awards.

Cracked, CBC – “The Thump Parade”

A washed-up hockey enforcer’s fragile mental state is called into question when Psych Crimes uses him as an agent in an operation against a cold, manipulative criminal. Meanwhile, psychiatric nurse, Leo, is corralled by Homicide to help with a murder investigation. Guests: Gabriel Hogan, Natalie Brown, Greg Bryk