Wednesday: Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air

Ron James_March 6

Mr. D, CBC – “Gerry’s Favourite Couple”
Xavier’s favourite senior couple, Sean and Miranda (‘Searanda’), are on the rocks. Seeing himself in Sean, Gerry decides to meddle in their relationship – they have to stay together or Gerry will suffer a deep personal loss.

The Ron James Show, CBC
Ron really gets his wheels spinning over the various ways we have of ‘Getting Around’. A man starts to wonder if he’s going to have to consult a lawyer to understand the complicated parking signs in his neighbourhood. A scientist has managed to invent a ‘Star Trek’-like Teleporter, but using it has some less than stellar side effects. Meanwhile, we’re all reminded why Miss Daisy needed a driver when Nanny takes L’il Ronnie for a spin in Pa’s car. Plus, Ron travels to a place where dinosaurs still rule, while visiting Drumheller, AB in this week’s ‘Ode to the Road’. Featuring special guest stars, Patrick McKenna, Barry Flatman, Christian Potenza, Marty Adams, Nug Nahrgang, Shaun Shetty and Nadine Roden.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Secrets & Lies”
Petra thinks her ex husband has abducted Connor and enlists Bobby’s help to get him back, leaving Krista on the hook to plan a 35th anniversary party for Arctic Air.