Monday: Murdoch Mysteries, Seed, Wild Things, Being Human


Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Victoria Cross”
An uncooperative witness impedes Murdoch’s investigation into a pawnbroker’s murder, and Brackenreid faces resistance while looking into the prison death of an old army buddy. Guest star: Tattiawna Jones.

Seed, City – “Corner Orifice”
When Rose (Carrie-Lynn Neales) competes for a big promotion at work, Harry (Adam Korson) recommends that she hide her pregnancy for the sake of her career. Janet (Laura De Carteret) lets it slip to Harry that she and Jonathan (Matt Baram ) schedule their sex life, and when Jonathan finds out, he cuts his wife off. Meanwhile, Billy (William Ainscough) and Zoey’s (Stephanie Anne Mills) night-time fears are realized when they discover their home has been broken into.

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, OLN – Season Finale “Guatemala – Beaded Lizard”
Dominic Monaghan (Lost) wraps up a season of exhilarating adventures in Guatemala. Immersing himself in the rich world of Mayan legend, Dom seeks out the Guatemalan beaded lizard, one of the most endangered and venomous reptiles on the planet.

Being Human, Space – “Of Mice and Wolfmen”
Aidan remembers his wife as he gets sicker, and Sally struggles with a hunger that she hasn’t felt before. Josh and Nora meet an older wolf as Josh deals with his changing circumstances.