Monday: Murdoch Mysteries, Seed, Being Human, Top Chef Canada


Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Twisted Sisters”
A series of violent drowning deaths of university-educated unmarried career women leads Murdoch to suspect sexist and racist motives. Guest stars: Zaib Shaikh, Paula Brancati.

Seed, City – “Fetal Attraction”
Harry (Adam Korson) can’t believe that Rose (Carrie-Lynn Neales) is actively dating while pregnant and tries to uncover the true motives of her new, super-hot boyfriend. Meanwhile, Anastasia (Abby Ross) discovers that her dad (Matt Baram) is “part of the establishment,” and wants nothing to do with her father’s wealth and lifestyle. Plus, Billy (William Ainscough) gives Harry lice, and Harry capitalizes on Zoey (Stephanie Anne Mills) and Michelle’s (Amanda Brugel) guilt.

Being Human, Space – “For Those About to Rot”
Josh learns that Aidan made a sacrifice to protect him and Nora, and Sally discovers Nick and Stevie’s (Robert Naylor, Pinocchio) fates. Also, Aidan’s date with Kat (Deanna Russo, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) causes him to remember his wife and son.

Top Chef Canada, Food Network – season premiere
No episode description available.