Monday: Bomb Girls, Seed, Murdoch Mysteries


Bomb Girls, Global – “Party Lines”
It’s harvest time and as the girls pluck the bounty of their victory garden, Vera uncovers a TNT shortage, shining an unwelcome light on the men of the Blue Shift – and jeopardizing her burgeoning friendship with Marco. Meanwhile, as preliminary reports of a successful raid on Dieppe are broadcast cross-country, Gladys isolates herself to fight her own private battles and Betty has an unexpected reunion with a soldier. Lorna fights for her long coveted home telephone, but any success is tempered by her growing fears for the safety of her sons.

Seed, City – “Bromosomes”
When Harry (Adam Korson) is diagnosed with sympathetic pregnancy, Rose (Carrie-Lynn Neales) finds that she’s competing for sympathy with her new, narcissistic belly-buddy. Meanwhile, Janet discovers Jonathan (Matt Baram) has been seeing another therapist (guest star Tom Green, Tom Green Live!) behind her back, and wonders what else he’s hiding.

Murdoch Mysteries, CBC – “Lovers in a Murderous Time”
Detective Murdoch and Julia find themselves at odds when a delusional woman becomes the prime suspect in the violent stabbing of her gambling fiancé.