Orphan Black reviews


From Variety:

‘Orphan Black,’ ‘Spies of Warsaw’
While this isn’t made explicit in the pilot, after a couple more hours it’s explained (vaguely) that the whole thing has something to do with cloning, with a lot of women who share Sarah’s face running around. But other than enjoying Maslany in multiple characters, wigs and accents, there’s nothing so distinctive about the plot as to provide an incentive to hang around long enough to sort out all the gory details regarding who might want to eliminate them. Read more.

From Diane Werts of Newsday:

‘Orphan Black’ review: Thrill ride
MY SAY What else do you need, people? “Orphan Black” is a spiraling tale whose plot, through the four episodes I’ve seen, just gets thicker and thicker. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. Which is essentially the story right there. Read more.

From Chris Jancelewicz of Huffington Post:

More Than Just A Sci-Fi Show
Before you read that Orphan Black is a sci-fi show and click away, give me a chance to sell it to you. It’s so much more than simple sci-fi. It’s mystery, it’s action, it’s drama and it’s as sexy as hell. Read more.