Wednesday: Mr. D, Ron James Show, Arctic Air


Mr. D, CBC – “Staff Retreat”
The staff are involved in an elaborate trust game that accidently reveals some of their darkest secrets. Robert’s trust exercise with his students fails miserably when he accidently locks himself in the closet. Callaghan and Malik compete in a friendly game of “who is the better athlete”.

The Ron James Show, CBC
Ron tees off on the crazed culture of consumerism, and what he has to say is not available in stores! Desperate for the latest iPhone, a man agrees to sell his soul to get his hands on the coveted technology, but if Satan figures out what he’s up to, there’ll be more than hell to pay. When Aunt Vivien is told she’ll require a motorized scooter after hip surgery, she quickly realizes there’s some heavy competition on the waiting list. Meanwhile, on Li’l Ronnie’s class field trip to Louisbourg, a single car-sick kid makes the whole bus sicker than an Irish fever ship. Plus, controversial, conservative radio host Buell Crawford wants nothing to do with “Buy Nothing Day”, as he remains steadfastly dedicated to his capitalist lifestyle. Featuring special guest stars, Kevin McDonald, Linda Kash, Jonas Chernick and Sam Kalilieh.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Skeletons in the Closet”
Bobby and Mel are stranded in an isolated community after their DC-3 is shot up on the airstrip; and Krista helps Loreen arrange a traditional burial for the bones of her great-great-grandfather.