More Orphan Black reviews and interviews

From Lauren Davis of io9:

Orphan Black teaches you to steal your clone’s identity for fun and profit
Last (episode), our favorite new clone Sarah came face to face with Beth, her apparent twin, and stole her identity. But stealing money from your doppelgänger turns out to be more complicated than dying your hair and affecting a Canadian accent, especially when she’s hiding a few secrets of her own. Orphan Black delivered an hour of clones, cops, puke, and mocking the people at your own funeral. Read more.

From BBC America:

Interview: Dead on ‘Downton,’ Maria Doyle Kennedy Resurfaces on ‘Orphan Black’
At last month’s BBC Worldwide Showcase event in Liverpool, I spoke with the actress about her new role, balancing a career as a musician with her acting work, and whether she’s kept up with the death parade over at the Abbey. Read more.

From Krista Smith of Vanity Fair:

Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany on Growing Up in Rural Canada and Playing an Intense Soccer Mom
I think the first audition was Sarah exclusively, and then I think I might have done like a “Sarah as” scene. By the time we were at the screen-test stage, it was five different characters. It was a lot of switching back and forth right in front of a roomful of execs. It was the weirdest audition, but so much fun. Read more.

From Anna Pinkert of Spinoff Online:

On BBC America’s Orphan Black, a Game of Cops, Robbers & Clones
The pilot has a bit of a slow start, but it works to set up two characters’ backstories simultaneously. We already know from the BBC promotional material that Sarah and Beth are clones, not twins – but Sarah doesn’t know that yet; she hasn’t even had a full conversation with one of her doubles. Sarah is so distrustful of everyone that it almost makes sense that her gut instinct would be to hide out as another person and go on the run instead of using to figure out if she and Beth just had the same deadbeat parents. Read more.

From Critics At Large:

Orphan Black and the New Face of Canadian Science Fiction
This past Sunday, Orphan Black aired its first episode, and on April 21, Showcase’s hit time-travel drama Continuum premieres its second season on Canadian airwaves; both shows are not only produced and filmed in Canada, but (with an appalling deficiency of that renowned Canadian humility) are also set here as well. Read more.


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