Orphan Black reviews and recaps

From Tom Gardiner of Three If By Space:

Orphan Black 102 “Instinct” Recap & Review – Answers and Questions
Episode two wastes no time placing us right back in the action at the very moment where the explosive premiere left us hanging. The mystery gets even more complicated, the tension is amped up, and Sarah meets even more “identicals.” Read more.

From Meredith Jacobs of the Examiner:

‘Orphan Black’ ‘Instinct’ review: The plot thickens
Orphan Black” is the show to watch Saturday nights, and that continued to be true with the Saturday, April 6 installment, episode 2, “Instinct,” in which Sarah began to get a better idea of just how many look-alikes are out there of her. Read more.

From g33kpron.com:

Orphan Black: shockingly Canadian, shockingly alright.
So far, I am really intrigued Orphan Black. I like the concept and I like Sarah’s actor, Tatiana Maslany. Tatiana does a really great job of portraying the wayward, rough-around-the-edges Sarah and seems pretty confident taking acting risks. For a Canadian-made show with a Canadian cast, this show is pretty edgy. There’s sex, full nudity (I can’t remember the last time, outside of Queer as Folk, that I saw a character’s totally naked ass on Canadian television) violence, graphically detailed corpses, sex work, cocaine… really, the list goes on. Read more.